@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1566,
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	  abstract     = {Traffic density, an indicator of traffic
conditions, is one of the most critical characteristics to
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). This paper investigates
recursive traffic density estimation using the information
provided from inductive loop detectors. On the basis of the
phenomenological relationship between speed and density, the
existing studies incorporate a state space model and update the
density estimate using vehicular speed observations via the
extended Kalman filter, where an approximation is made
because of the linearization of the nonlinear observation
equation. In practice, this may lead to substantial estimation
errors. This paper incorporates a suitable transformation to
deal with the nonlinear observation equation so that the
approximation is avoided when using Kalman filter to
estimate the traffic density. A numerical study is conducted. It
is shown that the developed method outperforms the existing
methods for traffic density estimation.},
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