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	  abstract     = {Increased energy demand and the concern about
environment friendly technology, renewable bio-fuels are better
alternative to petroleum products. In the present study linseed oil was
used as alternative source for diesel engine fuel and the results were
compared with baseline data of neat diesel. Performance parameters
such as brake thermal efficiency (BTE) and brake specific fuel
consumption (BSFC) and emissions parameters such as CO,
unburned hydro carbon (UBHC), NOx, CO2 and exhaust temperature
were compared. BTE of the engine was lower and BSFC was higher
when the engine was fueled with Linseed oil compared to diesel fuel.
Emission characteristics are better than diesel fuel. NOx formation by
using linseed oil during the experiment was lower than diesel fuel.
Linseed oil is non edible oil, so it can be used as an extender of diesel
fuel energy source for small and medium energy needs.},
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