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	  abstract     = {The error monitoring and processing system, EMPS is
the system located in the substantia nigra of the midbrain, basal
ganglia and cortex of the forebrain, and plays a leading role in error
detection and correction. The main components of EMPS are the
dopaminergic system and anterior cingulate cortex. Although, recent
studies show that alcohol disrupts the EMPS, the ways in which
alcohol affects this system are poorly understood. Based on current
literature data, here we suggest a hypothesis of alcohol-related
glucose-dependent system of error monitoring and processing, which
holds that the disruption of the EMPS is related to the competency of
glucose homeostasis regulation, which in turn may determine the
dopamine level as a major component of EMPS. Alcohol may
indirectly disrupt the EMPS by affecting dopamine level through
disorders in blood glucose homeostasis regulation.},
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