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	  abstract     = {This paper addresses the fundamental requirements for
starting an online business. It covers the process of ideation,
conceptualization, formulation, and implementation of new venture
ideas on the Web. Using Facebook as an illustrative example, we learn
how to turn an idea into a successful electronic business and to execute
a business plan with IT skills, management expertise, a good
entrepreneurial attitude, and an understanding of Internet culture. The
personality traits and characteristics of a successful e-commerce
entrepreneur are discussed with reference to Facebook-s founder,
Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is a social and e-commerce success. It
provides a trusted environment of which participants can conduct
business with social experience. People are able to discuss products
before, during the after the sale within the Facebook environment. The
paper also highlights the challenges and opportunities for e-commerce
entrepreneurial startups to go public and of entering the China market.},
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