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	  abstract     = {The mosques have been appearance in Thailand since
Ayutthaya Kingdom (1350 to 1767 A.D.) Until today, more than 400 years later; there are many styles of art form behind their structure.
This research intended to identify Islamic Art in Thai mosques. A framework was applied using qualitative research methods; Thai
Muslims with dynamic roles in Islamic culture were interviewed. In
addition, a field survey of 40 selected mosques from 175 Thai
mosques was studied. Data analysis will be according to the pattern
of each period. The identification of Islamic Art in Thai Mosques are
1) the image of Thai identity: with Thai traditional art style and Government policy. 2) The image of the Ethnological identity: with
the traditional culture of Asian Muslims in Thailand. 3) The image of
the Nostalgia identity: with Islamic and Arabian conservative style.
4) The image of the Neo Classic identity: with Neo – Classic and
Contemporary art. 5) The image of the new identity: with Post
Modern and Deconstruction art.},
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