@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/15209,
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	  abstract     = {Green home rating has emerged as an important
agenda to practice the principles of sustainability. In Malaysia, the
establishment of the 'Green Building Index ' Residential New
Construction- (GBI-RNC) has brought this agenda closer to the
stakeholders of the local green building industry. GBI-RNC focuses
on the evaluation of the environmental impacts posed by houses
rather than assessing the Triple-Bottom-Line (TBL) of Sustainability
which also include socio-economic factors. Therefore, as part of a
wider study, a survey was conducted to gather the backgrounds of
green building stakeholders in Malaysia and their responses to a
number of exploratory questions regarding the setting up of a
framework to rate green homes against the TBL. This paper reports
the findings from Section A and B from this survey and discusses
them accordingly with a conclusion that forms part of the basis for a
new generation green home rating framework specifically for use in
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