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	  abstract     = {The present study describes the biosynthesis of a milkclotting
protease by solid state fermentation (SSF) of a locally
isolated mould, Rhizopus stolonifer. The production medium was
prepared using wheat bran at 50% (w/v). The production conditions
are optimized by varying 7 parameters: carbon and nitrogen sources,
medium moisture, temperature, pH, fermentation time and
inoculum-s size. The maximum enzyme synthesis was measured after
96 h of incubation time at temperature of 28°C. The optimum pH
determined was 6 and the inoculum size was 3.106spores/ml. The
optimum initial moisture content is comprised between 50 to 70%.
The formation of milk clotting protease is enhanced when galactose
and peptone are used at 10% (w/v) and 1% (w/v) concentrations
respectively. The maximum production of milk clotting protease is
120 US/ml.},
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