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	  abstract     = {InGaAsN and GaAsN epitaxial layers with similar
nitrogen compositions in a sample were successfully grown on a
GaAs (001) substrate by solid source molecular beam epitaxy. An
electron cyclotron resonance nitrogen plasma source has been used to
generate atomic nitrogen during the growth of the nitride layers. The
indium composition changed from sample to sample to give
compressive and tensile strained InGaAsN layers. Layer
characteristics have been assessed by high-resolution x-ray
diffraction to determine the relationship between the lattice constant
of the GaAs1-yNy layer and the fraction x of In. The objective was to
determine the In fraction x in an InxGa1-xAs1-yNy epitaxial layer which
exactly cancels the strain present in a GaAs1-yNy epitaxial layer with
the same nitrogen content when grown on a GaAs substrate.},
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