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	  abstract     = {Taking into account that many problems of natural
sciences and engineering are reduced to solving initial-value problem
for ordinary differential equations, beginning from Newton, the
scientists investigate approximate solution of ordinary differential
equations. There are papers of different authors devoted to the
solution of initial value problem for ODE. The Euler-s known
method that was developed under the guidance of the famous
scientists Adams, Runge and Kutta is the most popular one among
these methods.
Recently the scientists began to construct the methods preserving
some properties of Adams and Runge-Kutta methods and called them
hybrid methods. The constructions of such methods are investigated
from the middle of the XX century. Here we investigate one
generalization of multistep and hybrid methods and on their base we
construct specific methods of accuracy order p = 5 and p = 6 for
k = 1 ( k is the order of the difference method).},
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