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	  abstract     = {This paper analyzes the linkage between migration,
economic globalization and terrorism concerns. On a broad level, I
analyze Canadian economic and political considerations, searching
for causal relationships between political and economic actors on the
one hand, and Canadian immigration law on the other. Specifically,
the paper argues that there are contradictory impulses affecting state
sovereignty. These impulses are are currently being played out in the
field of Canadian immigration law through several proposed changes
to Canada-s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). These
changes reflect an ideological conception of sovereignty that is
intrinsically connected with decision-making capacity centered on an
individual. This conception of sovereign decision-making views
Parliamentary debate and bureaucratic inefficiencies as both equally
responsible for delaying essential decisions relating to the protection
of state sovereignty, economic benefits and immigration control This
paper discusses these concepts in relation to Canadian immigration
policy under Canadian governments over the past twenty five years.},
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