@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/14798,
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Jana Novakova and  Lenka Petrkovska},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Today technological process makes possible surface
control of producing parts which is needful for product quality
guarantee. Geometrical structure of part surface includes form,
proportion, accuracy to shape, accuracy to size, alignment and
surface topography (roughness, waviness, etc.). All these parameters
are dependence at technology, production machine parameters,
material properties, but also at human, etc. Every parameters
approves at total part accuracy, it is means at accuracy to shape. One
of the most important accuracy to shape element is roundness. This
paper will be deals by comparison of roughness deviations at
coordination measuring machines and at special single purpose
machines. Will describing measuring by discreet method
(discontinuous) and scanning method (continuous) at coordination
measuring machines and confrontation with reference method using
at single purpose machines.},
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