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	  abstract     = {Development of a Robust Supply Chain for Dynamic
Operating Environment as we move further into the twenty first
century, organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver a high
product variation at a reasonable cost without compromise in quality.
In a number of cases this will take the form of a customised or high
variety low volume manufacturing system that requires prudent
management of resources, among a number of functions, to achieve
competitive advantage. Purchasing and Supply Chain management is
one of such function and due to the substantial interaction with
external elements needs to be strategically managed. This requires a
number of primary and supporting tools that will enable the
appropriate decisions to be made rapidly. This capability is
especially vital in a dynamic environment as it provides a pivotal role
in increasing the profit margin of the product. The management of
this function can be challenging by itself and even more for Small
and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) due to the limited resources and
expertise available at their disposal.
This paper discusses the development of tools and concepts
towards effectively managing the purchasing and supply chain
function. The developed tools and concepts will provide a cost
effective way of managing this function within SMEs. The paper
further shows the use of these tools within Contechs, a manufacturer
of luxury boat interiors, and the associated benefits achieved as a
result of this implementation. Finally a generic framework towards
use in such environments is presented.},
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