@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/14511,
	  title     = {Fingerprint Identification using Discretization Technique},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Fingerprint based identification system; one of a well
known biometric system in the area of pattern recognition and has
always been under study through its important role in forensic
science that could help government criminal justice community. In
this paper, we proposed an identification framework of individuals by
means of fingerprint. Different from the most conventional
fingerprint identification frameworks the extracted Geometrical
element features (GEFs) will go through a Discretization process.
The intention of Discretization in this study is to attain individual
unique features that could reflect the individual varianceness in order
to discriminate one person from another. Previously, Discretization
has been shown a particularly efficient identification on English
handwriting with accuracy of 99.9% and on discrimination of twins-
handwriting with accuracy of 98%. Due to its high discriminative
power, this method is adopted into this framework as an independent
based method to seek for the accuracy of fingerprint identification.
Finally the experimental result shows that the accuracy rate of
identification of the proposed system using Discretization is 100%
for FVC2000, 93% for FVC2002 and 89.7% for FVC2004 which is
much better than the conventional or the existing fingerprint
identification system (72% for FVC2000, 26% for FVC2002 and
32.8% for FVC2004). The result indicates that Discretization
approach manages to boost up the classification effectively, and
therefore prove to be suitable for other biometric features besides
handwriting and fingerprint.},
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