@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/14499,
	  title     = {Spectrum Analysis with Monte Cralo Simulation, BEAMnrc, for Low Energy X-RAY},
	  author    = {Z. Salehi Dehyagani and  A. L. Yusoff},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {BEAMnrc was used to calculate the spectrum and
HVL for X-ray Beam during low energy X-ray radiation using tube model: SRO 33/100 /ROT 350 Philips. The results of BEAMnrc
simulation and measurements were compared to the IPEM report
number 78 and SpekCalc software. Three energies 127, 103 and 84
Kv were used. In these simulation a tungsten anode with 1.2 mm for
Be window were used as source. HVLs were calculated from
BEAMnrc spectrum with air Kerma method for four different filters.
For BEAMnrc one billion particles were used as original particles for
all simulations. The results show that for 127 kV, there was
maximum 5.2 % difference between BEAMnrc and Measurements
and minimum was 0.7% .the maximum 9.1% difference between
BEAMnrc and IPEM and minimum was 2.3% .The maximum
difference was 3.2% between BEAMnrc and SpekCal and minimum
was 2.8%. The result show BEAMnrc was able to satisfactory predict
the quantities of Low energy Beam as well as high energy X-ray
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