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	  abstract     = {Electro-hydraulic power steering (EHPS) system for
the fuel rate reduction and steering feel improvement is comprised of
ECU including the logic which controls the steering system and BL
DC motor and produces the best suited cornering force, BLDC motor,
high pressure pump integrated module and basic oil-hydraulic circuit
of the commercial HPS system.
Electro-hydraulic system can be studied in two ways such as
experimental and computer simulation. To get accurate results in
experimental study of EHPS system, the real boundary management is
necessary which is difficult task. And the accuracy of the experimental
results depends on the preparation of the experimental setup and
accuracy of the data collection. The computer simulation gives
accurate and reliable results if the simulation is carried out considering
proper boundary conditions. So, in this paper, each component of
EHPS was modeled, and the model-based analysis and control logic
was designed by using AMESim},
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