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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {For decades, the defense business has been plagued by
not having a reliable, deterministic method to know when the Kalman
filter solution for passive ranging application is reliable for use by the
fighter pilot. This has made it hard to accurately assess when the
ranging solution can be used for situation awareness and weapons
use. To date, we have used ad hoc rules-of-thumb to assess when we
think the estimate of the Kalman filter standard deviation on range is
reliable. A reliable algorithm has been developed at BAE Systems
Electronics & Integrated Solutions that monitors the Kalman gain
matrix elements – and a patent is pending. The “settling" of the gain
matrix elements relates directly to when we can assess the time when
the passive ranging solution is within the 10 percent-of-truth value.
The focus of the paper is on surface-based passive ranging – but the
method is applicable to airborne targets as well.},
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