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	  abstract     = {Ranking of fuzzy numbers play an important role in
decision making, optimization, forecasting etc. Fuzzy numbers must
be ranked before an action is taken by a decision maker. In this
paper, with the help of several counter examples it is proved that
ranking method proposed by Chen and Chen (Expert Systems with
Applications 36 (2009) 6833-6842) is incorrect. The main aim of this
paper is to propose a new approach for the ranking of generalized
trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. The main advantage of the proposed
approach is that the proposed approach provide the correct ordering
of generalized and normal trapezoidal fuzzy numbers and also the
proposed approach is very simple and easy to apply in the real life
problems. It is shown that proposed ranking function satisfies all
the reasonable properties of fuzzy quantities proposed by Wang and
Kerre (Fuzzy Sets and Systems 118 (2001) 375-385).},
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