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	  abstract     = {Aquatic and semi aquatic birds as a group are suited to
feed and breed in environments in which water forms a fundamental
part. These birds are biological indicator in aquatic environment,
because these birds belong to the top level of food chain in aquatic
ecosystems. There are 61 species in 14 families of aquatic and semi
aquatic birds in Iran. The birds of the Sattarkhan Lake belong to 16
species in 8 families which include 26.2 percent of total Aquatic and
semi aquatic bird species and 57% of Aquatic and semi aquatic bird's
family of Iran. Study was carried out monthly at Sattarkhan Lake
show the existence of Phalacrocorax carbo, Ardea cinerea, Egretta
alba, Egretta garzetta, Bubulcus ibis, Botaurus stellaris, Sterna
hirundo, Chlidonias leucopterus, Larus minutus, Larus argentatus,
Larus ridibunbus, Alcedo atthis, Ciconia ciconia, Plegadis
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