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	  abstract     = {Company mergers and acquisitions reached their peak
in the twenty-first century. Mergers and acquisitions have become one
of the competitive strategies for external growth. In general, it is
believed that mergers and acquisitions can create synergies. However,
they require complete information technology system and service
integration, especially in the banking industry. Much of the research
has focused on performance evaluation, shareholder equity allocation,
or even the increase of company market value after the merger and
acquisition, whereas few scholars have focused on information system
integration post merger and acquisition. This study indicates the role
of information systems after a merger and acquisition, explaining the
benefits of information system integration using a merger and
acquisition case in the banking industry as an example. In addition, we
discuss factors that affect the performance of information system
integration, and utilize system dynamics to interpret the relationship
among factors that affect information system integration performance
in the banking industry after a merger and acquisition.},
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