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	  abstract     = {The carbon based coils with the nanometer scale have
the 3 dimension helix geometry. We synthesized the carbon nano-coils
by the use of chemical vapor deposition technique with iron and tin as
the catalysts. The fabricated coils have the external diameter of
ranging few hundred nm to few thousand nm. The Scanning
Electro-Microscope (SEM) and Tunneling Electro-Microscope has
shown detail images of the coil-s structure. The fabrication of the
carbon nano-coils can be grown on the metal and non-metal substrates,
such as the stainless steel and silicon substrates. Besides growth on the
flat substrate; they also can be grown on the stainless steel wires. After
the synthesis of the coils, the mechanical and electro-mechanical
property is measured. The experimental results were reported.},
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