@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/14151,
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	  abstract     = {Radio propagation from point-to-point is affected by
the physical channel in many ways. A signal arriving at a destination
travels through a number of different paths which are referred to as
multi-paths. Research in this area of wireless communications has
progressed well over the years with the research taking different
angles of focus. By this is meant that some researchers focus on
ways of reducing or eluding Multipath effects whilst others focus on
ways of mitigating the effects of Multipath through compensation
schemes. Baseband processing is seen as one field of signal
processing that is cardinal to the advancement of software defined
radio technology. This has led to wide research into the carrying out
certain algorithms at baseband. This paper considers compensating
for Multipath for Frequency Modulated signals. The compensation
process is carried out at Radio frequency (RF) and at Quadrature
baseband (QBB) and the results are compared. Simulations are
carried out using MatLab so as to show the benefits of working at
lower QBB frequencies than at RF.},
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