@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13932,
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	  abstract     = {Design of a constant chord propeller is presented in
this paper in order to reduce propeller-s design procedure-s costs. The
design process was based on Lock and Goldstein-s techniques of
propeller design and analysis. In order to calculate optimum chord of
propeller, chord of a referential element is generalized as whole
blades chord. The design outcome which named CS-X-1 is modeled
& analyzed by CFD methods using K-ε: R.N.G turbulence model.
Convergence of results of two codes proved that outcome results of
design process are reliable. Design result is a two-blade propeller
with a total diameter of 1.1 meter, radial velocity of 3000 R.P.M,
efficiency above .75 and power coefficient near 1.05.},
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