@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13798,
	  title     = {Maximum Water Hammer Sensitivity Analysis},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Pressure waves and Water Hammer occur in a
pumping system when valves are closed or opened suddenly or in
the case of sudden failure of pumps. Determination of maximum
water hammer is considered one of the most important technical
and economical items of which engineers and designers of
pumping stations and conveyance pipelines should take care.
Hammer Software is a recent application used to simulate water
hammer. The present study focuses on determining significance of
each input parameter of the application relative to the maximum
amount of water hammer estimated by the software. The study
determines estimated maximum water hammer variations due to
variations of input parameters including water temperature, pipe
type, thickness and diameter, electromotor rpm and power, and
moment of inertia of electromotor and pump. In our study,
Kuhrang Pumping Station was modeled using WaterGEMS
Software. The pumping station is characterized by total discharge
of 200 liters per second, dynamic height of 194 meters and 1.5
kilometers of steel conveyance pipeline and transports water to
Cheshme Morvarid for farmland irrigation. The model was run in
steady hydraulic condition and transferred to Hammer Software.
Then, the model was run in several unsteady hydraulic conditions
and sensitivity of maximum water hammer to each input parameter
was calculated. It is shown that parameters to which maximum
water hammer is most sensitive are moment of inertia of pump and
electromotor, diameter, type and thickness of pipe and water
temperature, respectively.},
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