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	  abstract     = {Natural gas usually includes H2S component which is
very toxic, hazardous and corrosive to environment, human being and
process equipments, respectively. Therefore, sweetening of the gas
(separation of H2S) is inevitable. To achieve this purpose, using
packed-bed columns with liquid absorbents such as MEA or DEA is
very common. Due to some problems of usual packed columns
especially high pressure drop of gas phase, a novel kind of them
called wetted-wire column (WWC) has been invented. The column
decreases the pressure drop significantly and improves the absorption
efficiency. The packings are very thin rods (like wire) and as long as
column. The column has 100 wires with a triangular arrangement and
counter current flows of gas and liquid phases. The observation
showed that at the same conditions, the absorption performance was
quite comparable to conventional packed-bed towers and a very low
pressure drop.},
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