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	  abstract     = {Route bus system is the fundamental public transportation
system and has an important role in every province. To improve
the usability of it greatly, we develop an AR application for "Bus-
Net". The Bus-Net system is the shortest path planning system.
Bus-Net supports bus users to make a plan to change buses by
providing them with information about the direction. However, with
Bus-Net, these information are provided in text-base. It is difficult
to understand them for the person who does not know the place. We
developed the AR application for Bus-Net. It supports the action of
a bus user in an innovative way by putting information on a camera
picture and leading the way to a bus stop. The application also inform
the user the correct bus to get, the direction the bus takes and the
fare, which ease many anxieties and worries people tend to feel when
they take buses.},
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