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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The Kansei engineering is a technology which
converts human feelings into quantitative terms and helps designers
develop new products that meet customers- expectation. Standard
Kansei engineering procedure involves finding relationships between
human feelings and design elements of which many researchers have
found forward and backward relationship through various soft
computing techniques. In this paper, we proposed the framework of
Kansei engineering linking relationship not only between human
feelings and design elements, but also the whole part of product, by
constructing association rules. In this experiment, we obtain input
from emotion score that subjects rate when they see the whole part of
the product by applying semantic differentials. Then, association
rules are constructed to discover the combination of design element
which affects the human feeling. The results of our experiment
suggest the pattern of relationship of design elements according to
human feelings which can be derived from the whole part of product.},
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