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	  abstract     = {Artemisinin is a potential antimalarial drug effective
against the multidrug resistant forms of Malarial Parasites. The
current production of artemisinin is insufficient to meet the global
demand. In the present study microbial biotransformation of
arteannuin B, a biogenetic precursor of artemisinin to the later has
been investigated. Screening studies carried out on several soil borne
microorganisms have yielded one novel species with the
bioconversion ability. Crude cell free extract of 72h old culture of the
isolate had shown the bioconversion activity. On incubation with the
substrate arteannuin B, crude cell free extract of the isolate had
shown a bioconversion of 18.54% to artemisinin on molar basis with
a specific activity of 0.18 units/mg.},
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