@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/1349,
	  title     = {High Securing Cover-File of Hidden Data Using Statistical Technique and AES Encryption Algorithm},
	  author    = {A. A. Zaidan and  Anas Majeed and  B. B. Zaidan},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Nowadays, the rapid development of multimedia
and internet allows for wide distribution of digital media data.
It becomes much easier to edit, modify and duplicate digital
information Besides that, digital documents are also easy to
copy and distribute, therefore it will be faced by many
threatens. It-s a big security and privacy issue with the large
flood of information and the development of the digital
format, it become necessary to find appropriate protection
because of the significance, accuracy and sensitivity of the
information. Nowadays protection system classified with more
specific as hiding information, encryption information, and
combination between hiding and encryption to increase information
security, the strength of the information hiding science is due to the
non-existence of standard algorithms to be used in hiding secret
messages. Also there is randomness in hiding methods such as
combining several media (covers) with different methods to pass a
secret message. In addition, there are no formal methods to be
followed to discover the hidden data. For this reason, the task of this
research becomes difficult. In this paper, a new system of information
hiding is presented. The proposed system aim to hidden information
(data file) in any execution file (EXE) and to detect the hidden file
and we will see implementation of steganography system which
embeds information in an execution file. (EXE) files have been
investigated. The system tries to find a solution to the size of the
cover file and making it undetectable by anti-virus software. The
system includes two main functions; first is the hiding of the
information in a Portable Executable File (EXE), through the
execution of four process (specify the cover file, specify the
information file, encryption of the information, and hiding the
information) and the second function is the extraction of the hiding
information through three process (specify the steno file, extract the
information, and decryption of the information). The system has
achieved the main goals, such as make the relation of the size of the
cover file and the size of information independent and the result file
does not make any conflict with anti-virus software.},
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