@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13297,
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	  abstract     = {The purpose of study was to design and construction
the semi-automatic sliced ginger machine for reduce production times
in sheet and slice ginger procedure furthermore, reduced amount of
labor of slides and cutting method. Take consider into clean and safety of workers and consumers. The principle of machines, used 1
horsepower motor, rotation speed of sliced blade 967 rpm, the diameter of sliced dish 310 mm, consists of 2 blades for sheet cutting
ginger and the power from motor which transfer to rotate the sliced blade roller, rotation speed 440 rpm. The slice cutter roller was sliced
ginger from sheet ginger to line ginger. The conveyer could
adjustment level of motors, used to the beginning area that sheet
ginger was transference to the roller for sheet and sliced cutting in next process. The cover of sliced cutting had channel for 1 tuber of
ginger. The semi-automatic sliced ginger machine could produced sheet ginger 81.8 kg/h (6.2 times of labor) and line ginger 17.9 kg/h
(2.5 times of labor) compare with, labor work could produced sheet
ginger 13.2 kg/h and line ginger 7.1 kg/h, and when timekeeper, the
total times of semi auto machine 30.86 kg/h and labor 4.6 kg/h, there
for the semi auto machine was 6.7 times of labor. The semiautomatic
sliced ginger machine convenient, easy for use and
maintain, in addition to reduce fatigue of body and seriousness from
works; must be used high skill, and protection accident in slicing
procedure. Beside, machine could used with other vegetables for
example potato, carrot .etc},
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