@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13295,
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	  abstract     = {Ultra-wide band (UWB) communication is one of
the most promising technologies for high data rate wireless networks
for short range applications. This paper proposes a blind channel
estimation method namely IMM (Interactive Multiple Model) Based
Kalman algorithm for UWB OFDM systems. IMM based Kalman
filter is proposed to estimate frequency selective time varying
channel. In the proposed method, two Kalman filters are concurrently
estimate the channel parameters. The first Kalman filter namely
Static Model Filter (SMF) gives accurate result when the user is static
while the second Kalman filter namely the Dynamic Model Filter
(DMF) gives accurate result when the receiver is in moving state. The
static transition matrix in SMF is assumed as an Identity matrix
where as in DMF, it is computed using Yule-Walker equations. The
resultant filter estimate is computed as a weighted sum of individual
filter estimates. The proposed method is compared with other existing
channel estimation methods.},
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