@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13281,
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	  abstract     = {Air conditioning is mainly to be used as human
comfort medium. It has been use more often in country in which the
daily temperatures are high. In scientific, air conditioning is defined
as a process of controlling the moisture, cooling, heating and cleaning
air. Without proper estimation of cooling load, big amount of waste
energy been used because of unsuitable of air conditioning system are
not considering to overcoming heat gains from surrounding. This is
due to the size of the room is too big and the air conditioning has to
use more energy to cool the room and the air conditioning is too
small for the room. The studies are basically to develop a program to
calculate cooling load. Through this study it is easy to calculate
cooling load estimation. Furthermore it-s help to compare the cooling
load estimation by hourly and yearly. Base on the last study that been
done, the developed software are not user-friendly. For individual
without proper knowledge of calculating cooling load estimation
might be problem. Easy excess and user-friendly should be the main
objective to design something. This program will allow cooling load
able be estimate by any users rather than estimation by using rule of
thumb. Several of limitation of case study is judged to sure it-s
meeting to Malaysia building specification. Finally validation is done
by comparison manual calculation and by developed program.},
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