@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13270,
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	  abstract     = {The selection for plantation of a particular type of
mustard plant depending on its productivity (pod yield) at the stage
of maturity. The growth of mustard plant dependent on some
parameters of that plant, these are shoot length, number of leaves,
number of roots and roots length etc. As the plant is growing, some
leaves may be fall down and some new leaves may come, so it can
not gives the idea to develop the relationship with the seeds weight at
mature stage of that plant. It is not possible to find the number of
roots and root length of mustard plant at growing stage that will be
harmful of this plant as roots goes deeper to deeper inside the land.
Only the value of shoot length which increases in course of time can
be measured at different time instances. Weather parameters are
maximum and minimum humidity, rain fall, maximum and minimum
temperature may effect the growth of the plant. The parameters of
pollution, water, soil, distance and crop management may be
dominant factors of growth of plant and its productivity. Considering
all parameters, the growth of the plant is very uncertain, fuzzy
environment can be considered for the prediction of shoot length at
maturity of the plant. Fuzzification plays a greater role for
fuzzification of data, which is based on certain membership
functions. Here an effort has been made to fuzzify the original data
based on gaussian function, triangular function, s-function,
Trapezoidal and L –function. After that all fuzzified data are
defuzzified to get normal form. Finally the error analysis
(calculation of forecasting error and average error) indicates the
membership function appropriate for fuzzification of data and use to
predict the shoot length at maturity. The result is also verified using
residual (Absolute Residual, Maximum of Absolute Residual, Mean
Absolute Residual, Mean of Mean Absolute Residual, Median of
Absolute Residual and Standard Deviation) analysis.},
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