%0 Journal Article
	%A Shiping Wang and  Peiyong Zhu and  William Zhu
	%D 2010
	%J International Journal of Mathematical and Computational Sciences
	%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
	%I Open Science Index 37, 2010
	%T Structure of Covering-based Rough Sets
	%U https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13163
	%V 37
	%X Rough set theory is a very effective tool to deal with granularity and vagueness in information systems. Covering-based rough set theory is an extension of classical rough set theory. In this paper, firstly we present the characteristics of the reducible element and the minimal description covering-based rough sets through downsets. Then we establish lattices and topological spaces in coveringbased rough sets through down-sets and up-sets. In this way, one can investigate covering-based rough sets from algebraic and topological points of view.

	%P 193 - 196