@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/13154,
	  title     = {Applications of AUSM+ Scheme on Subsonic, Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows Fields},
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Saifur Rahman Bakaul},
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	  abstract     = {The performance of Advection Upstream Splitting
Method AUSM schemes are evaluated against experimental flow
fields at different Mach numbers and results are compared with
experimental data of subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic flow fields.
The turbulent model used here is SST model by Menter. The
numerical predictions include lift coefficient, drag coefficient and
pitching moment coefficient at different mach numbers and angle of
attacks. This work describes a computational study undertaken to
compute the Aerodynamic characteristics of different air vehicles
configurations using a structured Navier-Stokes computational
technique. The CFD code bases on the idea of upwind scheme for the
convective (convective-moving) fluxes. CFD results for GLC305
airfoil and cone cylinder tail fined missile calculated on above
mentioned turbulence model are compared with the available data.
Wide ranges of Mach number from subsonic to hypersonic speeds are
simulated and results are compared. When the computation is done
by using viscous turbulence model the above mentioned coefficients
have a very good agreement with the experimental values. AUSM
scheme is very efficient in the regions of very high pressure gradients
like shock waves and discontinuities. The AUSM versions simulate
the all types of flows from lower subsonic to hypersonic flow without
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