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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This paper describes a new algorithm of arrangement
in parallel, based on Odd-Even Mergesort, called division and
concurrent mixes. The main idea of the algorithm is to achieve that
each processor uses a sequential algorithm for ordering a part of the
vector, and after that, for making the processors work in pairs in
order to mix two of these sections ordered in a greater one, also
ordered; after several iterations, the vector will be completely
ordered. The paper describes the implementation of the new
algorithm on a Message Passing environment (such as MPI). Besides,
it compares the obtained experimental results with the quicksort
sequential algorithm and with the parallel implementations (also on
MPI) of the algorithms quicksort and bitonic sort. The comparison
has been realized in an 8 processors cluster under GNU/Linux which
is running on a unique PC processor.},
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