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	  abstract     = {In the present work, Pulsed Electro Acoustic (PEA)
technique was adopted to understand the space charge dynamics in
elastomeric material. It is observed that the polarity of the applied
DC voltage voltage and its magnitude alters the space charge
dynamics in insulation structure. It is also noticed that any addition
of compound to the base material/processing technique have
characteristic variation in the space charge injection process. It could
be concluded based on the present work that the plasticizer could
inject heterocharges into the insulation medium. Also it is realized
that space charge magnitude is less with the addition of plasticizer. In
the PEA studies, it is observed that local electric field in the
insulating material can be much more than applied electric field due
to space charge formation. One of the important conclusions arrived
at based on PEA technique is that one could understand the safe
operating electric field of an insulation material and the charge trap
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