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	  title     = {CO2 Sequestration Potential of Construction and Demolition Alkaline Waste Material in Indian Perspective},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {In order to avoid the potentially devastating
consequences of global warming and climate change, the carbon
dioxide “CO2" emissions caused due to anthropogenic activities must
be reduced considerably. This paper presents the first study
examining the feasibility of carbon sequestration in construction and
demolition “C&D" waste. Experiments were carried out in a self
fabricated Batch Reactor at 40ºC, relative humidity of 50-70%, and
flow rate of CO2 at 10L/min for 1 hour for water-to-solids ratio of 0.2
to 1.2. The effect of surface area was found by comparing the
theoretical extent of carbonation of two different sieve sizes (0.3mm
and 2.36mm) of C&D waste. A 38.44% of the theoretical extent of
carbonation equating to 4% CO2 sequestration extent was obtained
for C&D waste sample for 0.3mm sieve size. Qualitative,
quantitative and morphological analyses were done to validate
carbonate formation using X-ray diffraction “X.R.D.," thermal
gravimetric analysis “T.G.A., “X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
“X.R.F.," and scanning electron microscopy “S.E.M".},
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