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(II) and Pb (II) removal efficiencies by using the newly synthesized
metal oxides/ polyethersulfone (PES), Al2O3/PES and ZrO2/PES,
membranes from synthetic wastewater and exploring fouling
mechanisms. A Comparative study between the removal efficiencies
of Cr (III), Cd (II) and Pb (II) from synthetic and natural wastewater
by using adsorption onto agricultural by products and the newly
synthesized Al2O3/PES and ZrO2/PES membranes was conducted to
assess the advantages and limitations of using the metal oxides/PES
membranes for heavy metals removal. The results showed that about
99 % and 88 % removal efficiencies were achieved by the tested
membranes for Pb (II) and Cr (III), respectively.},
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