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	  abstract     = {Home Automation is a field that, among other
subjects, is concerned with the comfort, security and energy
requirements of private homes. The configuration of automatic
functions in this type of houses is not always simple to its inhabitants
requiring the initial setup and regular adjustments. In this work, the
ubiquitous computing system vision is used, where the users- action
patterns are captured, recorded and used to create the contextawareness
that allows the self-configuration of the home automation
system. The system will try to free the users from setup adjustments
as the home tries to adapt to its inhabitants- real habits. In this paper
it is described a completely automated process to determine the light
state and act on them, taking in account the users- daily habits.
Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is used as a pattern recognition
method, classifying for each moment the light state. The work
presented uses data from a real house where a family is actually
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