@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12785,
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	  abstract     = {Data gathering is an essential operation in wireless
sensor network applications. So it requires energy efficiency
techniques to increase the lifetime of the network. Similarly,
clustering is also an effective technique to improve the energy
efficiency and network lifetime of wireless sensor networks. In this
paper, an energy efficient cluster formation protocol is proposed with
the objective of achieving low energy dissipation and latency without
sacrificing application specific quality. The objective is achieved by
applying randomized, adaptive, self-configuring cluster formation
and localized control for data transfers. It involves application -
specific data processing, such as data aggregation or compression.
The cluster formation algorithm allows each node to make
independent decisions, so as to generate good clusters as the end.
Simulation results show that the proposed protocol utilizes minimum
energy and latency for cluster formation, there by reducing the
overhead of the protocol.},
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