@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12763,
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	  abstract     = {Performance of vehicle depends on driving patterns
and vehicle drive train configuration. Driving patterns depends on
traffic condition, road condition and driver behavior. HEV design is
carried out under certain constrain like vehicle operating range,
acceleration, decelerations, maximum speed and road grades which
are directly related to the driving patterns. Therefore the detailed
study on HEV performance over a different drive cycle is required
for selection and sizing of HEV components. A simple hardware is
design to measured velocity v/s time profile of the vehicle by
operating vehicle on Indian roads under real traffic conditions. To
size the HEV components, a detailed dynamic model of the vehicle is
developed considering the effect of inertia of rotating components
like wheels, drive chain, engine and electric motor. Using vehicle
model and different Indian drive cycles data, total tractive power
demanded by vehicle and power supplied by individual components
has been calculated.Using above information selection and estimation
of component sizing for HEV is carried out so that HEV performs
efficiently under hostile driving condition. Complete analysis is
carried out in LABVIEW.},
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