@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12749,
	  title     = {Effects of Adding Different Levels of Anaerobic Fungi on Cellulase Activity of Ostrich Digestive Tract-s Microorganisms under in Vitro Condition},
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	  abstract     = {the objective of this study is to measure the levels of
cellulas activity of ostrich GI microorganisms, and comparing it with
the levels of cellulas activity of rumen-s microorganisms, and also to
estimate the probability of increasing enzyme activity with injecting
different dosages (30%, 50% and 70%) of pure anaerobic goat rumen
fungi. The experiment was conducted in laboratory and under a
complete anaerobic condition (in vitro condition). 40 ml of
“CaldWell" medium and 1.4g wheat straw were placed in incubator
for an hour. The cellulase activity of ostrich microorganisms was
compared with other treatments, and then different dosages (30%,
50% and 70%) of pure anaerobic goat rumen fungi were injected to
ostrich microorganism-s media. Due to the results, cattle and goat
with 2.13 and 2.08 I.U (international units) respectively showed the
highest activity and ostrich with 0.91 (I.U) had the lowest cellulose
activity (p < 0.05). Injecting 30% and 50% of anaerobic fungi had no
significant incensement in enzyme activity, but with injecting 70% of
rumen fungi to ostrich microorganisms culture a significant increase
was observed 1.48 I.U. (p < 0.05).},
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