@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12669,
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	  abstract     = {Data mining, which is the exploration of
knowledge from the large set of data, generated as a result of
the various data processing activities. Frequent Pattern Mining
is a very important task in data mining. The previous
approaches applied to generate frequent set generally adopt
candidate generation and pruning techniques for the
satisfaction of the desired objective. This paper shows how
the different approaches achieve the objective of frequent
mining along with the complexities required to perform the
job. This paper will also look for hardware approach of cache
coherence to improve efficiency of the above process. The
process of data mining is helpful in generation of support
systems that can help in Management, Bioinformatics,
Biotechnology, Medical Science, Statistics, Mathematics,
Banking, Networking and other Computer related
applications. This paper proposes the use of both upward and
downward closure property for the extraction of frequent item
sets which reduces the total number of scans required for the
generation of Candidate Sets.},
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