@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/12635,
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	  abstract     = {Channel junctions can be analyzed in two ways of
division (lateral intake) and combined flows (confluence). The
present paper investigates 3D flow pattern at lateral intake using
Navier-Stokes equation and κ -ε (RNG) turbulent model. The
equations are solved by Finite-Volume Method (FVM) and results
are compared with the experimental data of (Barkdoll, B.D., 1997)
to test the validity of the findings. Comparison of the results with
the experimental data indicated a close proximity between the two
sets of data which suggest a very close simulation. Results further
indicated an inverse relation between the effects of discharge ratio
( r Q ) on the length and width of the separation zone. In other words,
as the discharge ration increases, the length and width of separation
zone decreases.},
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