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	  abstract     = {This paper proposes fractal patterns for power quality
(PQ) detection using color relational analysis (CRA) based classifier.
Iterated function system (IFS) uses the non-linear interpolation in the
map and uses similarity maps to construct various fractal patterns of
power quality disturbances, including harmonics, voltage sag, voltage
swell, voltage sag involving harmonics, voltage swell involving
harmonics, and voltage interruption. The non-linear interpolation
functions (NIFs) with fractal dimension (FD) make fractal patterns
more distinguishing between normal and abnormal voltage signals.
The classifier based on CRA discriminates the disturbance events in a
power system. Compared with the wavelet neural networks, the test
results will show accurate discrimination, good robustness, and faster
processing time for detecting disturbing events.},
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