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	  abstract     = {Development of levels of service in municipal context
is a flexible vehicle to assist in performing quality-cost trade-off
analysis for municipal services. This trade-off depends on the
willingness of a community to pay as well as on the condition of the
assets. Community perspective of the performance of an asset from
service point of view may be quite different from the municipality
perspective of the performance of the same asset from condition
point of view. This paper presents a three phased level of service
based methodology for water mains that consists of :1)development
of an Analytical Hierarchy model of level of service 2) development
of Fuzzy Weighted Sum model of water main condition index and 3)
deriving a Fuzzy logic based function that maps level of service to
asset condition index. This mapping will assist asset managers in
quantifying condition improvement requirement to meet service
goals and to make more informed decisions on interventions and
relayed priorities.},
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