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	  abstract     = {The present work deals with thermodynamic analysis
of cascade refrigeration system using ozone friendly refrigerants pair
R507A and R23. R507A is azeotropic mixture composed of HFC
refrigerants R125/R143a (50%/50% wt.). R23 is a single component
HFC refrigerant used as replacement to CFC refrigerant R13 in low
temperature applications. These refrigerants have zero ozone
depletion potential and are non-flammable and as R507A an
azeotropic mixture there is no problem of temperature glide. This
study thermodynamically analyzed R507A-R23 cascade refrigeration
system to optimize the design and operating parameters of the
system. The design and operating parameters include: Condensing,
evaporating, subcooling and superheating temperatures in the high
temperature circuit, temperature difference in the cascade heat
exchanger, Condensing, evaporating, subcooling and superheating
temperatures in the low temperature circuit.},
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