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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {In this paper, we will be present Guidance and
Councelling (GC) class action research. The research was done
because a fact that some students are still learning ways such as in
elementary school. The research objective is to enhance the value of
“academic performance report" grade by using ICT as GC Learning
Guidance services. The research method was carried out with two
cycles. First cycle is applying Learning Guidance services indirectly
and not programmed. Second cycle into two implementing Learning
Guidance services indirectly, programmed and using ICTs primarily
mobile phones and computer media applications i.e. “m-NingBK©:
Learning Guidance" and “screen saver: Learning Guidance". A
research subject is a class VII student who has the lowest value of
“academic performance report". The result is by using an indirect GC
services with ICT there were significant changes.},
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