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	  abstract     = {Many studies have applied the Theory of Planned
Behavior (TPB) in predicting health behaviors among unique
populations. However, a new paradigm is emerging where focus is
now directed to modification and expansion of the TPB model rather
than utilization of the traditional theory. This review proposes new
models modified from the Theory of Planned Behavior and suggest
an appropriate study design that can be used to test the models within
physical activity and dietary practice domains among Type 2
diabetics in Kenya. The review was conducted by means of literature
search in the field of nutrition behavior, health psychology and
mixed methods using predetermined key words. The results identify
pre-intention and post intention gaps within the TPB model that need
to be filled. Additional psychosocial factors are proposed to be
included in the TPB model to generate new models and the efficacy
of these models tested using mixed methods design.},
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