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	  abstract     = {Culture and family structure provide a sense security.
Further, the chrono, macro and micro contexts of development
influence developmental transitions and timetable particularly owing
to variations in the macrosystem associated with non normative life
events like migration. Migration threatens family links, security and
attachment bonds. Rising migratory trends have prompted an
increased interest in migration consequences on familial bonds,
developmental autonomy, socialization process, and sense of
security. This paper takes a narrative approach and applies the
attachment paradigm from a lifespan perspective, to examine the
settlement experiences of an India-born migrant student in Sydney,
Australia. It focuses on her quest to preserve family ties; her remote
secure base; her continual struggle to balance dependency and
autonomy, a major developmental milestone. As positional parental
power is culturally more potent in the Indian society, the paper
therefore raises some important concerns related to cultural
expectations, adaptation, acculturative stress and sense of security.},
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